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Turquoise is a stone that was formed in mineral rich rocks. It has been mined for thousands of years, and was valued by early civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians. It is a soft stone that comes in colors that range from shades of greenish blue, aqua, and sky blue shades. It is an opaque gem that is found in many types of jewelry. Turquoise jewelry is valued by people all over the world.

How To Find Good Deals

Turquoise jewelry comes in many price ranges. Prices can run from under $20 into the thousands of dollars. Not every piece of turquoise is the same though. Turquoise stones vary in quality, as do the prices. When purchasing jewelry made with these stones, you want to make sure that you are getting a good price for the quality of turquoise that you are purchasing. We can help you search for the right jewelry to fit your budget at the best quality that you can affor.

Types of Turquoise Gems

Turquoise varies in hardness and grading. The highest graded quality is more blue than green colored, and is naturally harder than other types of turquoise. Gem, very high grade, and high grade turquoise jewelry will be denser than lower quality turquoise. High quality turquoise will have a luster that seems to come from within the stone, and not just from the polishing of the stone. Higher quality turquoise will have a pleasing matrix, or pattern created from the rock that the stone was formed in, to it. The highest quality turquoise jewelry will be made from untreated stones which have these qualities.

Some lower quality turquoise may have been treated through various process. One common process, stabilization, occurs when the turquoise is sealed with epoxy or other materials in order to improve its durability. Turquoise is also sometimes dyed to make a more pleasing color, but this dye can sometimes wear off when wearing. Another type of treatment that is sometimes used on turquoise is reconstitution. This is when very small pieces of turquoise are bonded together to form a larger stone. Often filler is added. Turquoise jewelry using treated stones is not as valuable as jewelry using untreated, higher quality stones.

Find the Best Deal

Because this jewelry varies so widely in quality and in price range, you may wonder where you can look to find the best deals at the quality you want. We can help you find the best turquoise jewelry deals out there. Although we don't sell any jewelry ourselves, we work with a network of jewelers that do sell jewelry at great prices. Before you look anywhere else, take a look at the variety, quality, and prices of the jewelry that our partners offer.